Sievert was born on May 30, 1960, son of the world famous organ builder Juergen Ahrend and of the Soprano Margarete Ahrend in Leer/Ostfriesland. His early musical training in classical music later became a stepping stone toward playing traditional Bluegrass and country music.
Playing the 4-string banjo, Sievert started his professional musical career with the "Road Runner String Band". Besides singing and playing banjo, he also started learning Mandolin, Dobro and above all the pedal steel guitar. In 1998, along with Ron Randolf, Sievert founded the legendary "Bismark Brothers". In 1990, Sievert moved to California and worked for the band "Bootleg" as well as the "Merle Haggard Band". Since 1995, Sievert has been back in Germany and touring with the "Joe Hodgkins Boss Band" playing pedal steel guitar, banjo and fiddle.